Deberi is owned and operated by Bruce Estens.

By being a farmer as well as contractor, I have a greater understanding of our client’s problems and allows me to always see things from both sides of "the fence".

I believe our header operators are our greatest asset, and employ young farmers from Australia and many other countries around the world. We all take great pride in our operation; some of our customers have been with us for 24 years.

We are certainly not the biggest harvesting operation around, but would like to be considered as one of the best.

Deberi Contract Harvesting has been operating since 1982 in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. We would harvest approx. 60,000 acres in a season.

Deberi use the latest John Deere harvesting equipment.

We are currently running 5x S670 Combines, all of which are equipped with choppers and all have yield mapping and self steering

We specialise in all crops and have a great variety of fronts.

  • For all cereals we are using 5x 41Ft Midwest Crophawks Drapers
  • For all low and difficult crops such as Beans and peas we run 1x 30 ft flex front
  • We have 5 x 12 ft. Canola belt pick-up fronts for picking up windrows.
  • For corn we have an 8 row corn head that can harvest from 34-40 inch row spaces.
  • For clients with raised beds and row crops we offer wheel spacing’s of 12 ft, 3 meters and 4 meters.
  • We have 3x Fully Setup Work Utes* as support vehicles plus a Cessna aircraft to move about.